The Beginning of The Beginning

The sun was streaming through the window of the university union cafe. I was sitting in front of a cappuccino and watched as the last two bubbles of froth popped. I stared at the unappetising grey milk. A skin was already forming on top. I knew well that it was one of the worst cappuccinos in the world. Yet, my stomach was crying out in pain and tepid milk wasn't going to do it It needed food.

"I'm hungry," I muttered.

The blonde vegan opposite me grasping an alfalfa wholemeal pita wrap in her red, sore-covered, blotchy hands, nodded with a condescending smirk.

I had recently embarked upon a Pritikin-style, low fat, low protein high carb diet. I had read that it would keep me healthy, happy and allow me to live forever.

Yet, I was constantly hungry. The blonde vegan slurped her chamomile tea. I wasn't listening to what she was saying, because my stomach was in such pain. It needed food. It needed something big, it needed something calorific and it needed it instantly.

In the university students' union cafe, known for some of the worst food then available in the so-called civilised West, I espied something. It was huge, it was calorific and it was available for immediate purchase: an iced coffee scroll.

Huge, calorific and available for immediate purchase.

With that, the diet was dead.

The blonde vegan almost choked on her raw grated carrot as she saw what I was bringing back to the table. Her cold-sore ringed mouth smiled with a healthier-than-thou pity. No one ever suggested that the never-healing sores on her hands might have a nutritional cause. But, hey, she looked OK in a crop-top.

Looking good in a crop top

It was then that I learnt that there was something basically wrong with the nutrition propaganda that we were being fed. I knew that low fat, low protein, high carb diets missed the mark and badly.

Although, I had discarded the only dietary advice that was around, and didn't have anything sensible to replace it with. As a consequence, I didn't understand what I was eating and I didn't understand why.

As time passed, I put on weight. A cheese cake here, a beer there, a plate of chips, a bottle of red wine, it all adds up.

This site is about that journey. It's about what I've found out and it's about where I'm headed.